4C Classic & Contemporary Car Conference. For investment security and value retention. By petrolheads for investors, collectors and enthusiasts.



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The digital conference for value retention, networking, knowledge transfer and entertainment

The Classic and Contemporary Car Conference is about cars to be preserved as cultural heritage and as investment assets. Such valued objects are rare classic collectors cars and new modern automobiles produced in limited series and sold in an exclusive market to safely preserve long term capital investment. With our conference and all related information – at this time digitally, later-on in live events – we want to contribute to these aspects. On 4c-conference.com current articles, opinions and expertise will be published. 

More details as speakers list, event format

Value retention

Value retention for valuable Classic & Contemporary Cars, which have been acquired with enthusiasm for the object as well as an investment. This is the main reason for the digital art&car 4C Conference 2021.

They safely preserve long term capital investment.

We originally planned a live conference for February 2021, but had to cancel for obvious reasons, so we switched to digital information. 

4c-conference.com will be regularly updated, the included blog appears every Tuesday.


Digital networking can never replace personal contact. This will be possible again in the live conference, which could take place early 2022. Unfortunately the pandemic situation rests unstable and not predictable.

Knowledge transfer

We cooperate with experts around the world and are committed to convey their knowledge on our platform. International experts have agreed to cooperate, they will publish here. Live they will offer their head-on presentations and speeches and they will appear in panels and interviews as well.


We will cultivate this aspect as well and reproduce entertaining documents, mainly videos, which relate to our topics. At the live event the personal meet contacts between participants and experts will offer a directs exchange of ideas.


Definitions Classic & Contemporary Cars

As denominations and definitions vary in languages and countries we present our view hereafter.

Definition Classic Car

We adopt the definitions of the „Irish Veteran and Vintage Car Club“, which go back to the very early motoring times.

Pre-1905 Antique (or brass cars)

The first automobile: Benz 1885

1905-1918 Veteran

Renault 1907

1919-1930 Vintage

Bentley 1926

1931-1945 Post-Vintage

Bugatti 57C 1937

1946-… Classic

Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider 1964

Historic number plates (Germany), Veteran license pass (Switzerland) and Classification as historic vehicle (Austria) are issued for cars registered more than thirty years ago. In German speaking countries classic cars are also denominated as „Oldtimer“ and cars 20 years old as „Youngtimers“.

Our definition Contemporary Car (Supercar, Hypercar)

Supercar designate a rare, costly car species. Its escalation is the hypercar. Its definition is simple: It is more exclusive and more expensive than a Supercar.

Supercar: Ferrari F8 Spider

Hypercar: Bugatti Chiron